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C. Steven Rorke

Legal Disclaimers

The information on this website is not an offer of an attorney-client relationship and is not legal advice.

I am available to discuss accepting engagement as legal counsel for you or your business entity. Following such discussion, if it is mutually agreeable and legally permissible, I will provide a proposed form of engagement letter containing the terms and conditions upon which I may be willing to accept such engagement. Until we have mutually agreed in writing that I have been engaged as counsel for you and/or your business entity, please do not consider that you are in an attorney-client relationship with me and please do not send me any confidential information. In the absence of an attorney-client relationship, such confidential information may not be adequately protected. Moreover, the confidentiality of unencrypted E-mail cannot be assured.

In the absence of my express agreement to act as your counsel, I do not accept any duty to you whatsoever (contractual or otherwise), including, but not limited to any duty to respond to unsolicited communications, any duty to protect any information that you may send without my express authorization, and any duty to advise you of legal rights, duties, deadlines or statutes of limitations.

I am admitted to practice law only in the State of Arizona.